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Why Arian Hostel?

- Newly opened Boutique hostel
- Located in the heart of Tehran old quarter
- Short walking distance of The Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace and other major attractions
- 10-minute walk from metro station
- Professional staff with years of travelling experience and staying in hostels around the world

History of Arian Hostel


history of Arian Hostel(pahlavan Razaz guest house)

Author: Ali Jafarnejad

Part 1
I travelled abroad 23 years ago for the first time, and since then I have always preferred hostels for accommodation. Hostels mostly have limited facilities and good prices, but one the most amazing attractions of staying in hostels is the possibility of communicating with people who are in love with travelling and most of them are young, budget travelers who prefer to share the services to reduce the price, have plenty of time and are not in a rush to end their trip!
socializing in hostels begins with sharing a room and continues with cooking in the kitchen, socializing in the living room, planning different programs together which sometimes lead to new friendships.
15 years ago, and after visiting different countries, I started to think about having my own hostel where I can meet and communicate with new people from different cultures and backgrounds who have backpack around the world to discover all its amazing aspects in their special way.
This idea was buried in my mind for years, until 2012 when President Rouhani’s government took over and the policies of tourist attraction improved a lot which eased the process of traveling to Iran.
To be continue


Part 2
I started to search for the right place from the late 2014. According to the fact that I have visited and stayed in lots of traditional hotels in my trips, I was really eager to find a budget house which had the architectural style of traditional Iranian old houses.
Such houses are mostly found in the historic part of cities. So, I started from old quarters like Grand Bazaar, Shapoor square, Hasan Abad, Monirie square and … and continued with Molavi, Oudlajan, Darvaze Ghar, Sepah Salar, and around Imam Khomeini square.
On that time, I visited many old houses and most of them were about to be destroyed due to the neglect of property, death of the first owner and dispersion of inheritors.
To be continued…


Part 3
After a lot of searching, in July 2016, I visited a house in Mirza Mahmoud Vazir alley, Shahid Javidi street, Sarcheshme quarter, which was in a better condition than the previous houses I had seen. The reason was this: there were still some people living inside it.
A house with a small blue pool in the middle of its central yard and a surrounded by rooms. The old house had the signs of originality but the previous owner was too careless about the building. The west wing was renovated in Pahlavi era according to the architecture trends of that day.
After discussing with my wife, Maryam and her confirmation for buying this place, I decided to do it. Meanwhile I would not do that if she had any other idea rather than that.
Then I had a visit to the house with one of the experts of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization who was in charge of endorsing license for Hotels and Hostels. He finally confirmed that the house is appropriate for mending and changing use of property.
To be continued…

 part 4
At the same time, I recognized that the house belongs to Seyyed Hasan Shoja’at, also known as “Pahlevan Razzaz” who was a champion in Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh rituals in Tehran in Qajar and Pahlavi era and also Beside alley is named “Shoja’at” after him. His biography is published as a book In 2005 and is written by Jamshid Sedaghat. I got to know this great man and his chivalrous character more after reading the book.
The house was bought in August 2016, but according to the fact that it had 4 inheritors, I was in a new path that contained a lot of complicated paperwork and it took more than one year!
To be continued…


part 5
we started renovation process.
Cleaning the basements from the construction waste and garbage was the first step. Then we removed the cement layers that were on the walls. That was the time when old and valuable bricks of Qajar era revealed!
We continued renovation and restoration process with assistance of engineer Moslem and Mostafa Khani. Also Mr.Khoshfakari who has been an expert in this field for many years advised and helped us a lot. I should really thank them for their cooperation and assistance.
The ground was cultivated 1 meter to reach the hard soil. Then we filled the holes of foundation with cement


Part 6
After finishing the procedure of improving structure’s stability, the whole plaster in basement level was removed, and after renovating some parts of the walls that were collapsed, we took out the broken bricks and turned them to use their robust Sides. They were then covered with a new plaster.
In the past, the heating system was based on some kind of heater that worked with gas in each room. We decided to change the system to central heating plant room. cooling system stayed the same as past which was evaporative cooler.
The eastern wing was used as cold storage by its previous owner and it was much more destroyed, more Than we thought! We filled walls with concrete in order to strengthen them, and used some new bricks to renovate the walls, because there was not much …. old bricks. We also tried to make differences between old and new bricks so that people could recognize the margins between valuable and normal bricks.
To be continued…


Part 7
After all, it was turn for ground floor. After some experiments we understood that the whole part of the old walls is made of adobe brick. It was not strong enough to tolerate the dead load. Even the wooden ceiling was attacked by termites and was totally destroyed. We had to demolish entire walls which were 80 centimeters thick! And replace low weight partition walls instead of them.
There, we had used some new strong columns, therefore we could have roof gardens…
To be continued…


Part 8
Fortunately, we were lucky enough to meet Ms.Derakhshan who designed a beautiful original facade for the building after the frameworks were done. The current façade is built through her designs. I should really thank her for her assistance.
The process of constructing the façade was started on December 2017 and took 7 months. Finally, the result was worth spending such a long time on it…
To be continued…


Part 9
The whole electronical system, telephone, network system, fire fighting equipment and CCTV systems were installed by engineer Bayat, who was with us from the beginning of project. I want to thank him for all his cooperation.
To be continued…


Part 10
The most difficult part was about carpentry. My friend, Morteza Faraji started woodworking,


Part 11
According to my previous experiences in hostels and also my search about room facilities, we decided to use bunk beds and, in some rooms, we built a private bath, where we were sure there is no detriment of structure to the building. Two rooms from the west wing were suitable for building a bath and the rest of the rooms were built with no private bath. These rooms actually share separated bath for men and women which is located in the basement level.
To be continued


Part 12
Other parts of the basement level were specified to the kitchen and dining room.
We needed a few technicians for some works such as blacksmithing, but everything was done due to the efforts of my dear friend, Vahid Ali Mohammadian and his parents. I do appreciate them sincerely.
To be continued…



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