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Why Arian Hostel?

- Newly opened Boutique hostel
- Located in the heart of Tehran old quarter
- Short walking distance of The Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace and other major attractions
- 10-minute walk from metro station
- Professional staff with years of travelling experience and staying in hostels around the world

Our Team

Ali Jafarnejad

Founder and CEO

Ali has always been a traveler. His career and position in Arian Tour holding (including Arian Tour travel agency, Arian Hostel and Iran Hotel Booking) is highly related to the great love of his life: “travel”.

Being a budget tourist for years, he has always been fascinated by the ambiance of the hostels he stayed in. This fascination is mainly rooted in the features which are unique to hostels including: the spirit of sharing things, like rooms, foods, travel experiences and many more; the stress free atmosphere which is the result of not being in a rush to finish the trip or being involved in routine complications of daily life; and the fact that residents of hostels are usually young people who are full of enthusiasm to explore and enjoy life as much as possible.

On the other hand, Ali who has travelled around Iran for more than 2 decades and knows a lot about the history, art, culture and architecture of his home land, has always marveled at the exquisite attributes of authentic Iranian architecture.

These two resulted in the formation of the idea of having a hostel in Tehran with the features of traditional Iranian houses, hence the born of Arian Hostel.

Ali’s meticulous care in renovation and management plan of Arian Hostel, as well as his inner characteristic of wanting the best of everything creates a super comfortable environment for tourists whose traveling style is his favorite.


Habib Ashtari

Executive Manager

Habib is one of the key members of Arian Hostel. As the executive manager, he spends about 12 hours per day at work, which allows him to have full control over all that goes on in the hostel.

Habib is 38 years old and has majored in Interior Design. Travel has always been his passion and he has traveled to 37 countries in 4 continents. He has biked in Asia for 6 months, in Africa for 3 months and in 2017, he finished a 17-month biking tour in South America with his wife Mina.

All these trips, have given him an insight into the mind of travelers, which is an essential factor in managing a hostel. He has the experience of staying in hundreds of hostels all around the world and knows very well, what makes a hostel a pleasant place to stay.


Mina Faal

Front Desk Officer

Being a young and energetic woman, Mina not only does all of the official works of the hostel, but also takes care of all of the greenery, as she is an agriculture engineer.

Mina, along with her husband Habib, has traveled to 26 countries and biked for 3 months in Africa and toured South America by bicycle for 17 months.

She is a professional mountain climber and a Yoga instructor and know very well how to spread good vibes and positive energy all around her.

Her dedication in fulfilling her tasks, is what we need in running the hostel flawlessly.




Fariba Bakhshayesh


Fariba originally started her career in interior design, which was her university major. But later on, she understood that there is more to life, so she added some extreme sports to her daily routine. She is now a mountain climbing instructor and is a professional rock climber, big wall climber and ice climber. Besides her experience in climbing mountains of Iran, she has a long history of traveling all around the country by bicycle and running between different cities of Iran.  She has backpacked to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia and has biked in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for more than 3 months.

Her valuable experience of staying in different hostels in different countries on one hand and her exquisite taste in cooking on the other, made her the best option for the catering job in Arian Hostel.



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How to reach us :

For using Waze and driving to ARIAN HOSTEL CLICK HERE  

Route no 1 from Amir Kabir St : No 38, Javidi Ave, Amir Kabir St, Tehran

Route no 2 from Baharesten Sq : End of Afshar Alley, After Amir kabir crossroad, Mostafa Khomeyni St, Tehran




  • Tel : +982136833892
  • Mobile : +989378494617 (Mrs.Atefeh)
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مسیر اول از طریق خیابان ری و سه راه امین حضور : سه راه امین حضور، جنب پاساژ خلیج فارس، خیابان جاویدی، نبش کوچه شجاعت، پلاک 38

مسیر دوم از طریق میدان بهارستان: خیابان مصطفی خمینی، پایین تر از چهارراه سرچشمه،سمت چپ زیر دومین پل عابر پیاده ، انتهای کوچه افشار، خیابان جاویدی، پلاک 38

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