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Amazing village in Iran

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Tamin Village

Tamin Village located in Sistan province is one of the most beautiful villages in this province. This village is consisted of three parts upper Tamin,central Tamin,and lower Tamin.  Ancien tombs,water mills, a castle,and cave dwellings are the indications of the ancient civilization of the inhabitants of the village.This popular village with its historical texture attracts many tourists every year.


Vaneshan Village

Vaneshan Village is located in Golpaygan,Isfahan. This village has unique historical textures and fantastic architecture and is one of the oldest civilizations in Iran. Vanshan village is located 12 km south of Golpayegan city and 15 km north of Khansar. This village has several historical monuments which make it an obligation during your stay in Iran.


Sarvelat village

The village of Sarvelat is located 22 km from Ramsar, near a river called Achirud, when you reach the village you can easily see the slopes of the Alborz Mountains and enjoy the beautiful nature. . In addition to the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the village, the hospitality of its people makes you feel home.This village is located in the heart of the jungle, in a mountainous region,and near the sea and all of these multiply the beauty of this village.



Lighvan Village

Lighvan Village is located in southern part of Tabriz. Lighvan village is famous for its delicious cheese production. The village has a great climate and is one of the most beautiful and populous villages in East Azerbaijan, according to the historical and cultural researchers. Lighvan village is located in a lush valley with breath-taking nature. This village is the best choice for nature lovers.


Varkaneh village

Varkaneh village is another tourist  destinations of Iran  that attracts many travelers from inside and outside the country. This village dates back to 400 years ago and is located 20 kilometers southeast of the city of Hamadan. There are 20 beautiful villages in Hamedan, but Varkaneh village is the best of them.


Palangan village

Kamyaran city in Kordestan province is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran that has many natural attractions. Palangan village is one of the stepped villages of Iran that is located in Kamyaran city and is about 45 kilometers from Kamyaran city. The village dates back to pre-Islamic era and because of its beautiful springs and lush valleys the village attracts many tourists.
The mild summers,mineral springs,and amazing waterfalls of Palangan village has made it a major tourist destination. No vehicles are allowed to enter the village.


Oramantakht village

Another stepped village of Iran is Oramantakht in Kordestan province. The village hosts a large number of Iranian and foreign tourists annually and can be considered one of the most attractive tourist hubs in the country. This beautiful mountainous area lies between the Iran-Iraq border,near Marivan. locals in this village celebrate 2 big ceremonies every spring and a lot of travelers come to visit their celebration annually. The whole village is blessed with trees,flowers,and plants which make this site more suitable for photography and recording the unforgettable moments of life.


Kong village 

On the slopes of the Binaloud Mountains there's a stepped village called Kong. This village is located 19 kilometers west of Torghabeh and 29 kilometers from Mashhad and can be called pre-Islamic Masuleh.Because its architecture is similar to Masule Village and it dates back to pre-Islamic era. It takes about an hour and a half to walk if you want to get there by foot. The houses in this village are built in a stair-like design which make them unique. This village is so popular among travelers and attracts many tourists.


 Asfidan village

There is a beautiful village in Bojnourd city called Asfidan which has a very pleasant climate and jaw-drpping architecture. There is a mineral spring near this stepped village, which attracts many tourists every year. Qari and Qarqe stone towers are the ancient structures of this village and they have still remained.In this village you can see the beautiful lush valleys, waterfalls and historic castles such as Tash Castle which has remained since a long time ago.


Hajij village

Beautiful village of Hajij is located in the heart of Kermanshah Mountains. This amazing village is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the region.The houses in this village are built in a stair-like design due to the lack of space, and the main material used in their construction is stone. Bel Spring, which water flows into Sirvan River, is another beautiful attraction of this village. Don't miss this amazing village during your stay in Iran!


Royin village

Royin village is located in the winding alleys of Bojnord,northeast of Iran. This village is filled with apple trees and in the spring,it is like a blooming paradise.This stepped village is a great combination of nature and architecture and it has an eye-catching view.The history of Royin Village dates back to 500 years ago and it is consisted of an Imamzade and several ancient hills. This site is a highly recommended tourist destination where you can rest and enjoy its lovely atmosphere.



Saraqa Seyyed Koohrang


Saraqa Seyyed Koohrang is another beautiful village of Iran which is located between Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Mountains.This village  with its beautiful brick houses and unique architecture is very popular among tourists. This stepped village is surrounded by some old walnut trees and fantastic springs with cool water. The best time for visiting this amazing village is in spring when the weather is cool and you can enjoy the nature.


Zonuzaq village

Zonuzaq village which is located in East Azarbaijan province,dates back to about 800 years ago. Zonuzaq is one of the the largest stepped villages in Iran and will mesmerize you with its fantastic nature. The inhabitants of this village are hospitable and you can stay with them and get familiar with their customs. there are many tourist attractions in the village, including an ancient cemetery,Zonuzaq Castle and mosque,and Damji waterfall.The people, living in this village make mouth-watering dried fruit and they sell them to travelers.
Don't leave this village without trying them!


Negel Village

Kordestan province is like a shining jewel in the western part of Iran.There are many beautiful villages in this region and one of them is Negel village.This village has an amazing nature which attracts several travelers every year.
This beautiful village is located in Kellaterzan town of Sanandaj city in Kordestan province. According to statistics the population of this village is 1700.This village is a must-see-site in Iran.



Nousha Village

Nousha Village is another beautiful Iranian village which dates back to about 2000 years ago. The interesting thing about this village is that there is no vehicles there and it makes it more fantastic because you should walk and enjoy its beautiful nature.
Nosha village is located near Ghalegardan, 55 km south of Tonekabon city.



Mazichal Village

Another beautiful village in Iran is Mazichal village. Mazichal is located 2600 meters above sea level and is on the list of Iranian tourist villages. Here is one of the few places in the world where you can feel the clouds under your feet,and enjoy its spectacular view which is suitable for taking some amazing shots.



Kharanaq Village

Historical village of Kharanaq is one of the most valuable sites in Iran.At first,the village was served as a carvanserai for businessmen and travelers. It is interesting to know that in Europe, this village is more popular than Iran.This village is located in the north of historical city of Yazd, 50 km from Ardakanm

Attractions of this historic village: Kharanaq carvanserai, Kharanaq castle, Kharanaq bathhouse, Kharanaq bridge,and Kharanaq mosque.



Bayaz Village

Bayaz village is located 65 km northwest of Rafsanjan city, Kerman province.Bayaz is a tourist-welcoming village which is famous for its cotton production. According to recent statistics the population of this village is 3402. Beautiful village of Bayaz is a good choice  for nature-lovers.



Makhunik Village

The village of Makhunik is located in the village of Dorah in South Khorasan province, with a population of about 739 people. Makhunik village is one of the most amazing tourist villages of Iran which is a great choice for adventure-lovers. The village is near to Afghanistan, and locals in this village are originally from Afghanistan.
Makhunik Village is 1261 km from Tehran.



Khorbas Village

The history of Khorbas Village dates back to the Sassanid era. Thousands of years ago, during the Sassanid era, Khorhas was a busy and beautiful village. The village is surrounded by several coral hills.There's an old castle in this village dating back to the Sassanid era. In front of the castle, there is an ancient cemetery overlooking a large Cave. This cave(Khorbas Cave) is another beautiful and historical attraction of Qeshm Island which is an obligation during your stay in this island. The cave is located in the heart of a mountain and has undergone many changes during the different periods of time. All these attractions make this island a fantastic site for travelers.



Laft Village

The gold wells in Laft village have a very long history and were designed to store rainwater. Gold wells are one of the most amazing attractions of Qeshm Island. They are located 76 km north of Qeshm and 30 km north of Qeshm International Airport. Hard-working people of this village have been digging wells in the rocks to store rainwater. The piles overlooking these wells, with the coral surface, drain the rainwater into the well pit, and because the bottom of the wells ends in plaster layers, the water remains clean and cool in it.











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