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Cities in Isfahan province

 If you are eager to visit these historic sites and the beautiful cities of Isfahan province, you can call our partner, Arian Tour, which has been working as an inbound tour operator in Iran, since 2003, or just simply click on the below link.




 Khansar city

Khansar city is a mountainous region with pleasant climate, located 160 km from Isfahan and 380 km from Tehran. The beautiful nature and abundant water springs,inverted tulip plains and cool climate make this area a great place for vacations. Khansar is a historical city with lush gardens which was developed in Shah Abbas's time.
This city is famous for its honey and attracts several travelers annually.


 Golpaygan city

Golpaygan city in Isfahan province is 352 km from Tehran and 156 km northwest of Isfahan.
Golpayegan carvings show the history of this ancient city. These carvings tell depict the time when human started to hunt.
The 18 meter minaret of this ancient city, is among the tallest minarets of the 5th century AH and belongs to the Seljuk period and is one of the tallest minarets in Iran. This historical city is another beautiful attraction of Isfahan province.


 Natanz city

Natanz city is located 120 km north of Isfahan, 83 km southeast of Kashan,and 325 km from Tehran.Natanz City has some beautiful attractions such as stepped village of Abyaneh which is really amazing and Jame Mosque of Natanz with its glorious minaret and ancient trees dating back to Ilkhanid period.


 Khomeini Shahr

Khomeini Shahr is located in Isfahan province which was formerly known as Sedeh. The history of this city dates back to the Sassanid era.In that time Kohandezh which was near Isfahan province was the capital of the Sassanids. Today,this city is still important and has lots if different attractions such as Sartip House, Jame Mosque of Khozan,Valashan Village,and Ladoor waterfall.



Najafabad is another historical city of Isfahan which is located 27 kilometers west of Isfahan. This city is full of pigeons living in it. In the past Najafabad was filled with gardens and needed fertilizer and the fertilizer was produced by these pigeons.Also,Iran's largest assarkhane was located in the center of this city. Assarkhanes were oil extraction houses which played a key role in Iranian history in providing the required oil for the people. This Assarkhane dates back to the Safavid era but now it is not used anymore. But it is open to public and lots of travelers visit this place.


 Tiran city

Tiran city is located 45 km of Isfahan province. Archeologists have found carvings in this city which date back to 6000 years ago and it indicates the long history of this city.Ghomeishloo Castle is one of the most amazing monuments of this city.This castle is located 12 km northeast of Iran, in a vast plain with several animal species and covers an area of about 9000 square meters.This city is visited by many tourists every year.


 Zarrin Shahr

Zarrin Shahr is located in southwest of Isfahan province.Its distance from the city of Isfahan is about 30 km. Zayandehrood River flows alongside the city and makes the most spectacular views. Lanjan Rice which is produced in Zarrin Shahr is one of the most important productions of this city.
Zarinshahr has one of the best coastal parks of Iran park on the outskirts of Zayandehrood River which makes this city more amazing.


 Naeen city

Naeen city is located in Dashte Kavir(one of the largest deserts in Iran) and has a dry climate. It is located 170 km from Yazd and 140 km east of Isfahan. The history of Naeen City dates back to over 3000 years ago. Jame Mosque of Naeen and Narin Castle(also known as Narenj Castle) are the prominent monuments of this city. Narin Castle was built in the Sassanid dynasty and was used for protection purposes. Historical city if Naeen is the best place for people who are interested in Iran's history.



Semirom is located in the south of Isfahan province. The city is known as the tallest city in Iran, with a height of more than 2460 meters above sea level. Semirom is the best city in Isfahan province for its water and natural resources. Semirom has the second highest quality apple production after Maragheh in the country.Semirom Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iran. It is located 4 kilometers east of Semirom city and 160 kilometers south of Isfahan province. The waterfall is surrounded by mountains and is filled with beautiful trees and plants and the best time for visiting this amazing waterfall is in the spring and summer.



Kashan is a historic city, located 200 km center of Isfahan province.  Kashan is a desert city on the slopes of the Central Mountains that borders the Central Desert to the east. It has cold winters and hot and dry summers,with mild springs and falls. The most beautiful attraction of this city is Fin Garden. which dates back to the Safavid era and attracts several tourists every year.



Niasar is located 30 kilometers west of Kashan. This city has one of the most spectacular climates around Kashan. Chahar Taghi(a building which had 4 arches) is one the attractions of Niasar city,dating back to the Sassanid era and is made of stone.
This structure served as a fire temple for Zoroastrian people and now attract several visitors.



Qamsar is located 25 kilometers southeast of Kashan which has a breezy and temperate climate.The world-famous traditional Golabgiri ceremony(during this ceremoney the essence of the pink flowers planted in many flower gardens  is prepared by the traditional method of an evaporation system) is held in this city in May each year. Qamsar Dam is one of the attractions of this city which is built in the strait of Qamsar river, 5 km north of Qamsar. The history of this dam dates back to Seljuk period. Every year thousands of visitors come to see this beautiful city.



The presence of the beautiful Zayandehrood River is one of the most important factors in the emergence of the city of Chadegan. This river has created extraordinary natural scenery, which is fantastic for photography. This city has many recreational facilities such as a horse riding club, soccer fields,tennis courts, pools,and restaurant ready to host dear tourists.

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