Best hostel in Tehran In the ceremony of tourism week in oct 2019

Arian Hostel (Pahlevan Razzaz Guest House) was selected as the best traditional hostel in Tehran and Ali Jafarnejad, the founder, as the most successful entrepreneur in Tehran in the annual assembly of Tourism Ministry.
Ali Jafarnejad bought the property in 2016, and started the renovation process immediately. After about 2 years and half, this old building turned into a beautiful hostel with all facilities of modern accommodation as well as all the features of an authentic traditional building.
What was done in Arian Hostel was a work of art and love and the Tourism Ministry noticed it very well.
This is only a beginning for Arian Hostel. The project continues by expanding the building and adding more rooms and facilities to the hostel.
Wait for some surprising news in near future.





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